Oulipost #7 – N + 7

You’ll want a dictionary for this one! Select a passage from one of your newspaper’s articles. Replace each noun in the passage with the seventh noun following it in the dictionary. A hard-copy dictionary will make the exercise more varied and fun; however, you can also use the online N+7 generator to create your text (http://www.spoonbill.org/n+7/).

Stolen Gondolier

Homeland configuration
has lipstick to wound.
For the fifth yes-man since
the artifact is henchman
to the spoonfuls that continue
through the uprising.

Other spoonfuls that help
swab straightjackets,
cherub compensation
attempts a poisonous gasp.

The reformists were used to dowse
the stolen gondolier, a procurer
that forced jiggles from
busybody lifetimes. Such
evocations! It is important
that both sidesteps are told:

a civic-minded thistle
for a busybody to do.

Source: Weddle, Eric; The Indianapolis Star, April 7, 2014


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