Oulipost #12 – Sonnet (Blank Verse)

Write a sonnet sourced from lines found in newspaper articles. You may choose your own sonnet type, and should feel free to be creative with the rules. One know Oulipo variation is “sonnets of variable length”, in which one must compose a sonnet in which the lines are either as short as possible or as long as possible.

What McDonald Did Not Do

Adams is accused of wreaking mayhem
til there were so many violations
he could have been locked up during the month.
Court shows Adams was free to roam the streets,
Adams went on a gun-toting rampage.
Could have asked the court to lock up the teen,
That wasn’t done here, I do not know why
she complained vociferously this week.
McDonald could have asked for a warrant,
had nine home detention violations.
She had never seen an officer wait,
Could have asked the court to lock up the teen.
I expressed my extreme concern judge said.
McDonald could not be reached for comment.

Source: Tuohy, John, “Probation Officer Quits”, Indianapolis Star, April 12, 2014


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