Oulipost #16 – Chimera

The chimera of Homeric legend – lion’s head, goat’s body, treacherous serpent’s tail – has less forbidding Oulipian counterpart. It is engendered as follows: Having chosen a newspaper article or other text for treatment, remove its nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Replace the nouns with those taken in order from a different work, the verbs with those from a second work, the adjectives with those from a third.

Altered States of Teaching

It is supposed to be a day problem
when additional neglected schools
face on the medical ways.

But for the unconscious teacher
in less than a career, the classroom,
which was charged under a child’s years

is for altered teachers, and is not there.
The timely court teachers, anyone in
administration, the position said, were made.

– Base article: “A Dilemma of Justice”, John Tuohy, Will Higgins, Vic Ryckaert, and Shari Rudavsky
– Nouns: “New IPS Program a Win for Teachers, Students”, Matthew Tully
– Verbs: “Sheriff’s Son Faces Claim He Gave False Testimony”, Justin Mack
– Adjectives: “Day Care Provider Faces New Charges”, Marisa Kwiatkowski


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