Oulipost #19 – Sestina

A sestina is a poetic form of six six-line stanzas. The end-words of the lines of each stanza repeat those of the first, but in a differing order that in each successive stanza follows the permutation: 615243. The entire sequence of end words is thus: 123456; 615243; 364125; 532614; 451362; 246531. All words and phrases must be sourced from your newspaper text. In my case, that is the Indianapolis Star.

Driving, While Shaving

Drivers admit to flossing and shaving,
eating and putting on deodorant. More
use phones to text and talk, and some admit
to singing out loud. Distracted behind
the wheel, a close relationship with their
device is significant for younger drivers.

Distracted singing with eyes closed, drivers
admit to performing, respondents are shaving
while eating, texting with mobile devices, their
cars vehicles of disaster, hitting notes, and more.
Not surprisingly, youthful inexperience behind
the wheel, they are not more apt to admit

they use portable devices while driving, admit
they use laptops, read texts, sing to other drivers
while chewing tobacco. Youth and gender are behind
the basic grooming that goes on, not just shaving,
but blowing their hair dry as they are, and more.
The top activity might be eating, or flossing their

teeth. When drivers get behind the wheel their
tunes are tweeted. Reading, they admit
sending selfies, a love affair they will be more
responsible for. Hurtling down the highway, drivers
require a much closer relationship with shaving,
avoiding crashes with vigilance that comes from behind.

Great responsibility can be killed from behind,
being tweeted without being clear. Women, their
love-affair with cars enjoyable, don’t experience shaving
in a machine as responsible. Even singing, they admit,
can take your attention. Men may send texts to drivers
who don’t know if happiness is really cool. And more

young drivers who mature never tweet selfies, or more
deadly activities. Hurtling down the highway, behind
cars while singing and eating and flossing, drivers
can be deadly. Behind the wheels of cars, their
flow of traffic much less harmonic, they admit
it should not distract them from shaving.

Source: Casey Williams, “Drivers Driven to Distractions”, Indianapolis Star, April 19, 2014


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