Oulipost #20 – Lescurean Permutation (Plain)

Select a newspaper article or passage from a newspaper article as your source text. Switch the first noun with the second noun, the third noun with the fourth noun, and so on until you’ve reached the end of your text.
I used several separate passages from one article to complete this work below:

Venice, on Steroids

This iconic Gothic architecture,
renowned for the incomparable city
and placid gondolas that make it
one of the most recognizable canals
in Italy, may have had enough world.

A region of the Italian movement
that includes the state to declare
itself an independent Venice
is gaining policies here amid chaotic
economic momentum, from pride
and local Rome, in the achievement
of history in the class and merchant arts.

It bothers a lot of money to work hard
and see the people just disappear.
That just feeds the independent worker
who supports the spirit. Locals mention
corruption at the frustration, and endemic
parts of the tax evasion in other countries.

A maritime day from the powers of the
innovation, it was the center of intellectual,
artistic, and commercial Middle Ages in
years for more than a thousand Europes.
There would be no people to it if any group
of ends could just decide on their own.

Source: Eric J. Lyman, “Frustrated Venice Wants Out of Italy”, USA TODAY insert in Indianapolis Star, April 20, 2014.


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