Oulipost #29 – Canada Dry

The name of this procedure is taken from the soft drink marketed as “the champagne of ginger ales.” The drink may have bubbles, but it isn’t champagne. In the words of Paul Fournel, who coined the term, a Canada Dry text “has the taste and color of a restriction, but does not follow a restriction.” (A musical example is Andrew Bird’s “Fake Palindromes”) Be creative and write a poem sourced from your newspaper that sounds like it’s been Oulipo-ed, but hasn’t.

Indy Goes Viral

First we should be flattered,
it wasn’t long ago

We were India-noplace,
Naptown to some.

People are starting to notice
some amazing stuff is happening,
opportunities attractive
to people starting their careers

We should be grateful,
look at the competing narrative.

We should still take the attention
with a grain of salt.
It’s great to be excited,
by all means sing the praises,

but last week we recorded
our fiftieth homicide for the year.

Our homicide rate’s above Chicago.
Pride doesn’t mean complacency.

Source: Erika D. Smith, “Rankings Can’t Go To Indy’s Head”, Indianapolis Star, April 29, 2014


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